About Us

R&D Packaging has been servicing the Western and English market for 25 years. We have a quality line of packaging products that are not only fun, but can be an effective approach to retail packaging in a selected market! We currently carry over 32 designs of gift wrap, 27 designs in shopping bags, a semi-custom slug in bag program, custom printed tissue, boxes, re-sale gift wrap rolls, and zipper garment bags. We also specialize in custom shopping bags with your store information and logo printed on them. R&D Packaging is your one stop shop for ALL of your packaging needs! From paper to plastic, we can do it all.

Thank you for shopping the R&D Packaging line. Even with our wide selection of designs, some of you may have special packaging needs. If you don't see what you’re looking for we can find it for you! Just go to the Contact Us section and fill out the form or call us direct. We strive to offer stellar customer service on a daily basis, and hope you choose R&D Packaging for all of your retail packaging needs.